Hot Air Balloon Drawing With Color

Step 3 of the Hot Air Balloon sketch ​​​​​​​​​ Create another curving line, this time starting at the balloon's top. This line should take the same path as the previous one, resulting in a mirror image. Step 4 of the Hot Air Balloon sketch ​​​​​​​ Underneath the balloon's bottom, draw a flattened, horizontal oval. Connect the oval to the remainder of the balloon using two short, curved lines. This creates the balloon's skirt, which is linked to the envelope or cloth body.

I love how they demonstrate the power of LINES in creating the illusion of depth and, in this example, a feeling of SPACE by adding a few more floating away in the distance. Both of those qualities are part of the seven Elements of Art, so students can understand how they operate when they do a picture like this. Make a note of me on your Pinterest Board!

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