How Long Will Ukraine War Last

Those who did not participate in combat are now assisting the military or civilian population. I saw how medical personnel and regular citizens have stepped up to make meals for troops and civilians. Self-organization was also quite strong in Ukraine, and it became even stronger after 2014. And now, same civilian groups that previously conducted humanitarian missions have risen to the occasion and are defending their communities. Are Donbas refugees continuing to migrate into Russia?

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According to Alina Polyakova, president and CEO of the Center for European Policy Analysis, Russian President Vladimir Putin may be âready and willingâ to put the alliance's commitment to collective defense to the test. She noted that NATO's 40,000-strong reaction force pales in contrast to Russia's military capabilities in the area, where the Kremlin maintains some 150,000 soldiers.

At the most basic level, Russian intervention may include "normalizing" the country's hold on the Donbas region by bringing in Russian forces to secure their control or perhaps slightly widening their buffer zone against the rest of Ukraine, according to CNN's International Security Editor Nick Paton Walsh.

Other experts think that a short land corridor along the Azov Sea, passing through the southern Ukrainian city of Mariupol, might be readily established through an amphibious operation on the Azov Sea shore, according to Paton Walsh – but such a corridor would be difficult to defend.

Putin, who has denied for months that he is plotting an invasion, has repeatedly referred to Ukraine as an artificial entity carved out of Russia by adversaries, a description Ukrainians see as alarming and incorrect.

Samir Puri, a senior fellow at the International Institute for Strategic Studies, told Al Jazeera in January that Russia's objective would likely be to âdefeat the Ukrainian armed forces in the field, inflict a crushing military defeat on the Ukrainians, and by extension, raise concerns about Ukraine's support from its Western allies, the US and the UK.

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