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31. âA hug is an amazing thing. It's an incredible gift to share. It's a grandiose way of saying, 'I care.' A hug conveys encouragement, security, love, solidarity, and a sense of belonging. A hug demonstrates kindness. A hug offers joy. A embrace appeals to the senses. A hug has an effect on the soul. ” â Unexplained32. âSometimes all that is need is a wordless hug.â â â â â â â â â â â

Passion, Kisses GIFs â 80 Animated Love Images

When we touch a loved one, we are enveloped with passion. Kisses, hugs, and delicate or harsh touches all convey passion. It's when you're aglow with want! We gathered 80 GIF animations of passion, kisses, and love to let you experience this condition. Send a GIF to your loved one to demonstrate how you want him to behave.

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