Ideas Emo Gacha Club Outfits

Another method to establish your Gacha OC is to dress your character like a tomboy or hipster. To get a true tomboy appearance, combine graphic shirts, baggy apparel in solid masculine hues such as brown, navy blue, grey, and black, with loose shredded denim trousers/shorts. To complete the appearance, add a hat or sunglasses. To give your OC a hipster vibe, pair it with a bright-colored tee or blouse, skinny jeans, and cowboy boots. https://www.instagram.com/p/CCD0iyig3UX/?utm source=ig web copy link

Hair is the third item in the dress up menu, and it has five distinct parts that you may edit to get your desired style.

These aspects include the back hair, the ponytail, the front hair, and the hair tips. Hair tips may be used to enhance bangs or add spikes; rear hair is used for the lower section of the back hair, whilst back hair is used for the top portion.

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