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We live in a society where marriage is not (anymore) reserved for the binary, but for individuals who fall into the third gender type as well. With that in mind, the following collection includes wedding congrats cards for both cisgender individuals and members of the LGBT community. Not only that, but this collection includes cards with a variety of subjects. There are several possibilities for various wedding themes, ranging from Hawaiian-inspired cards to vintage-themed cards. A congrats card is a token of heartfelt well wishes and admiration for someone who have accomplished something significant or exceptional. Congratulating a couple on their love affair and the new chapter they are about to embark on demonstrates your happiness and support for their choice. That is why a congratulatory card has the ability to honestly and truly melt the heart of everyone. That is why, on sometimes, a simple congratulatory card suffices.

I first met both of you when we were still in college. I knew then that you would marry eventually. Finally, that day had come. I have nothing further to say but to wish you an amazing life in the future. Maintain your trust. Congratulations! From here, I can hear the wedding bells. This concludes the discussion! Wow! I'm at a loss for the appropriate words to convey how pleased and delighted I am for both of you. Congratulations! P.S. I'm confident you'll have lovely children in the future.

Whether you are related to the bride or groom, close friends, or distant acquaintances, you should send a wedding card. Completely. (And, of course, whether or not you're attending the wedding.) If you're unsure what's proper, keep in mind that it's mostly up to you. However, here are 35 suggestions for what to put in a wedding cardâformal, informal, and even Biblicalâto get you started. Wishes for a Formal Wedding

Simply click on the relevant category below to go to the wedding wishes you're looking for, or read the whole guide to mix ideas and create your own unique wedding message mash-up. We hope you like our list and that it frees you up to concentrate on spreading the wedding pleasure from now on!

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