Inspirational Quotes International Women's Day 2021

âThe statement below speaks to me because it reminds me that my voice and journey are significant. And that, although it is important to listen to others' perspectives, it is even more critical to avoid becoming devoured by them. - Heather Salma is a confident and powerful Mexican woman who has battled rejection, prejudice, and sexism. Seeing her encourage others to speak out when necessary motivates me to make my voice known. ” - Melanie

From the first female astronaut to the first female climber of Mount Everest, the globe looked for âthe first womanâ more than ever in the last year. Take a look at how Google is honoring women who have accomplished historical firsts, as well as the many who have followed. On Google Arts & Culture, you can learn more more about women's effect on history and culture.

While each day is an excellent time to honor the ladies in your life, International Women's Day provides an additional cause to do so. International Women's Day, celebrated on March 8th, is a worldwide event that honors women's amazing accomplishments, promotes awareness, and motivates people to campaign for gender equality. This festival stretches all the way back to the early 1900s, when 15,000 women descended on New York City in search of improved working conditions, salary, and voting rights. From then, the first National Women's Day was founded in 1909 and has since extended to other nations throughout the globe, culminating in the establishment of the International Women's Day web site in 2001 â a critical resource and tool for educating and empowering all women. This year's topic is #BreakTheBias, which focuses on eradicating prejudice, stereotypes, and discrimination, as well as achieving gender equality in businesses, communities, and schools.

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, is a former actress (Getty Images).


âWomen need a place at the table, an offer to sit at the table, and, in certain situations, the ability to construct their own table. We want a universal recognition that we cannot successfully achieve change without womenâs political participation.â

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