Interior Design Dark Academia Room Decor

While it is usually desirable to have some pattern in each space, it is best to keep it to one or two in a gloomy area. Dark spaces are typically dramatic, so avoid going overboard. Wood, metal, and rattan textures, as well as velvet, linen, and suede materials, will lend depth to the spaceâadding too many patterns would make the area seem congested. However, do not be afraid to include a single striking feature, such as a zebra-pattern rug on the floor. The amount of patterns that work in a room will constantly change, so trust your sight and your intuition. Incorporate Architectural Specifications

While this design is gloomy and emphasizes dark colors and textures, it also emphasizes wide windows and natural light. Maintain a balance of natural and artificial light in a gloomy environment by keeping your windows open whenever feasible. And, of course, ensure they are draped with stunning drapery to draw attention to the window even more! The décor of Dark Academia almost screams for opulent velvet drapes. 8. Maintain a Cozy Environment

What does the term "dark academia room decor" mean?

Knowledge is a kind of power. And there is nothing more academic than retreating to a dimly lit corner of a grand library and speculating on all the various outcomes of a murder mystery novel. Or, alternatively, studying Latin just for the sake of understanding ancient thinkers in their own language. However, the most lovely libraries adhere to a timetable. And it is at this point that we should consider developing our own dark academia bedroom concepts.

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