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In September 2001, in the aftermath of the September 11 attacks, the American mass media company Clear Channel Communications classified "Ironic" as inappropriate due to its lyrics. [3] The song was included on Morissette's 1995 world tour, as well as her compilation albums MTV Unplugged (1999) and The Collection (2005). Jesse & Joy of Mexico covered the song on their 2007 album Esta Es Mi Vida Sesiones, and American band Four Year Strong covered it on their cover album Explains It All (2009). Composition and writing [adjust]

Isn'T It Ironic Alanis Morissette Lyrics

In a nutshell, this song is about the irony that our lives sometimes reflect. The two last lyrics are the most evocative of this song. âLife has a peculiar way of creeping up on you [â] life has a peculiar way of assisting you.â The phrase âlifeâ used five times in this song demonstrates the song's deep connection to our expectations of our lives. We are regularly confronted with circumstances in which we anticipate certain outcomes and, regrettably, the contrary occurs: Irony of our Fate. It's as if God is amused himself by manipulating and toying with our lives. The lyrics are essentially instances of situations that one may meet throughout his or her life. These examples are rounded up by some intelligent observations at the conclusion of each couplet, most notably in the bridge. For example, when she mentions the statement, who would have guessed it would appear in the chorus?

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While most would like to avoid this, it is not an instance of irony. To make the comment ironic, someone would have to remark something along the lines of âfortunately, it is not pouring on your wedding dayâ and then it starts to rain unexpectedly. It's a complimentary ride if you've already paid.

Distribute one to Alanis Morissette.

Since the publication of her chart-topping single âIronic,â she has had to listen to every pedant, every SNOOT, and every 10th-grade English instructor proclaim that none of the scenarios in her song are genuinely ironic. The constant issue of rain on your wedding day has inspired two decades of thinkpieces (here is a 2008 Times article, and here is a 2014 Salon piece). On its Wikipedia article, âIronicâ features a section titled âLinguistic usage disputes.â It's difficult to discuss the literary device these days without hearing someone bemoan the song. Apparently, Socrates defined irony, Shakespeare and O. Henry enlivened it, and a 1995 radio song destroyed it. RIP.

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