Jaguar Suv E Pace Interior

The optional Configurable Dynamics package for the E-PACE unlocks even more of the compact performance SUVâs dynamic range by allowing the driver to tailor the driving experience to the driving conditions and their own personal preferences by selecting between Normal and Dynamic settings for the throttle response mapping, steering response, transmission shift speed, and, where equipped, the Adaptive Dynamics suspension. The E-optional PACE's Adaptive Dynamics system, which will be available after launch, has a continuously variable damper technology with a triple-tube construction and an externally mounted hydraulic valve for damping adjustment. This provided the Jaguar dynamics team with more leeway to fine-tune the mix of handling reactions and body control in order to maintain the Jaguar driving DNA. The system's advantages include improved reaction to inputs, improved inside/outside wheel force distribution, and an off-road tune3.

Where does the Jaguar E-Pace fit into the Jaguar lineup? To be sure, it's an SUV, but Jaguar currently offers three of them. There is also an electric I-Pace and a bigger, more traditional F-Pace, so it is easiest to think of the E-Pace as the range's 'cub'. However, it is far from insignificant. Indeed, its dimensions are comparable to those of the Audi Q3, BMW X1, and Volvo XC40. Or, fact, the Range Rover Evoque, which shares several greasy components with the E-Pace.

Additionally, the 21:9 super-wide format (1280 x 542 pixel resolution) display enables multitasking; for example, video may be shown on the main screen while navigation data or weather forecasts are displayed on a side panel.

Touch Pro is Jaguar's most sophisticated infotainment system to date. It gives a world-class user experience by being designed and built in-house around cutting-edge technology such as a quad-core CPU and an ultra-fast ethernet network.

The Jaguar E-Pace inside is rather stylish, but there is some cheap plastic around the gear lever, in the doors, and directly around the window buttons, which you will touch daily. The shifter's dingy grey plastic casing is comprised of the sort of noxious material Hyundai no longer employs. When tapped, it creates the kind of noise you'd expect from a child's lunch box. Fortunately, the steering wheel has a luxury feel, leather upholstery is standard or optional on all variants, and, as demonstrated in our road test review photographs, the dashboard touchscreen is huge and high-quality, and the E-Pace retains a lot of Jaguar design cues. However, it's difficult to get over the sense that shortcuts have been cut.

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