Jaguar Xe Sv Project Red

The 2019 Jaguar XE SV Project 8 may or may not have been built with the goal of setting the lap record for production sedans around Germany's N1rburgring Nordschleife, but that is precisely what it accomplished, circling the 12.9-mile toll road in the verdant Eifel forest in just seven minutes and 21 seconds. That's around four seconds faster than the second-fastest four-seater, the 2019 Mercedes-AMG GT63 S. Jaguar's claim of sedan superiority at the 'Ring has been met with skepticism by some. This is because the record run was conducted with a "production intent" prototype rather than an official production model. Additionally, Jaguar set the car's adjustable suspension to Track mode, which lowers the body by 0.6 inch, and adjusted the aero addenda to their most downforce-generating positions, which involves manually extending the carbon-fiber splitter by 2.4 inches from its already ground-scraping chin and jacking the rear wing into an aggressive forward lean for the record lap. (To be fair, this may be accomplished using the tools included with each Project 8.) Additionally, there is significant disagreement about the definition of "production sedan" with just 300 specimens being made. However, we digress.

Having saying that, the Project 8 is not the kind of vehicle one would acquire for everyday driving purposes. With a worldwide manufacturing limit of 300 units and a starting price of $187,500, or $112,900 more than the Mercedes-AMG C63 S sedan, the Project 8 is an investment vehicle that is certain to gain in value over time. Although some Project 8s will undoubtedly find usage on public roads and at private track events, I think that a large number will remain parked in climate-controlled garages. What a crime.

However, there are several characteristics of the XE that may annoy some purchasers. The back seat is much smaller than the competitors, and the door and dash materials do not seem up to the premium brand's standards. Another point of contention is the smartphone integration. To get the most out of your infotainment system and smartphone, you'll need to download various applications, each with its own unique login. Nonetheless, the Jaguar XE is a one-of-a-kind vehicle with superb handling. As long as you don't need to transport rear-seat passengers on a regular basis, it's a near-ideal performance sedan.

It has been about a year since the unveiling of Project 8 at Jaguar Land Rover's Special Vehicle Operations headquarters. However, SVO CEO John Edwards tells us that his team has not been idle â following a 7min 21.23sec Nürburgring lap time, they have modified the aero, strengthened the springs, revised the engine mounts, enhanced brake pedal sensation, and updated the suspension-arm bushes. Additionally, software calibration modifications are reported to account for a significant increase. Now, SVO believes Project 8 â and, unusually, âownersâ â might go faster, although somewhat. âI believe it will go sub-7 minutes and 20 seconds,â says an engineer. To whet our appetite for our first drive in a completed vehicle, weâre treated to a passenger trip around Goodwood in a prototype.

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