Jess And Max Love Island Now

Sophie and Tom Powell, Tow, and Bradon, Sophie Tom and Sophie attempted reconciliation after their departure from the show, but finally separated when suspicions surfaced that BOTH of them had cheated... Tom has been dating Love Island co-star Malin Anderson... (who was also Sophie's pal on the show... awks), while Sophie Gradon just married Alex Lenco.

Jessica is now engaged to Dan Lawry, a mechanic with whom she has a son, Presley. The two met in March 2018 and embarked on a whirlwind affair, culminating with Dan proposing to her in August of that year. Jessica is still pursuing a modeling career and has even labeled herself as a Fashion Influencer. https://www.instagram.com/p/B4-gOoYBBlx/

On episode 22 (Naomi just pied Josh for Max and Jess and Josh, after the double date, seem to have rekindled their romance). I'm just attempting to formulate an opinion about it. Naomi comes out as arrogant and two-faced, to be honest. However, Jess is rubbing Josh in the face somewhat. Nonetheless, I believe Jess comes out as more likable for some reason. Perhaps since I find Naomi so intolerable on a general level and Jess has been bullied by nearly everyone (I appreciate that she brought some of it on herself at times), my perspective is slanted toward being more tolerant of Jess... Thoughts (preferably without spoilers, but I also don't care about spoilers)???

Josh & Lauren

While Lauren Richardson and Josh Ritchie hooked up on day two of the series, she subsequently dated Chris W and Luis, while Josh dated Jess and Naomi. The two finally reverted to their original pairing in order to finish third in the villa, but called it quits shortly thereafter.

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