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[edit] Biography

On May 2, 1999, she auditioned as a voice actress for Di Gi Charat and earned the Special Jury Prize. She repeated her part as Puchiko in the English dub of Leave it to Piyoko, making her the first and one of the few Japanese voice actresses to do so in addition to the original Japanese performance. Due to a schedule difficulty, she was unable to record for the English version of the Di Gi Charat TV series. [3] She was formerly connected with Mausu Promotion until August 2015, when she joined Aoni Production.

Reki Kyan, a high school student, is obsessed with one thing: skateboarding. When night strikes, he makes his way to "S," an illegal underground race held within a mine in which skaters compete in very risky scenarios. Following a defeat that ends in the destruction of his skateboard and the breaking of his arm, Reki is now incapable of practicing at all. While at work, Reki meets his new student, Langa Hasegawa, a half-Canadian, half-Japanese lad with almost no skating experience. Langa is in severe need of financial assistance. After they are both assigned by Reki's employer to see "S," they find themselves into difficulty and are compelled to participate in a wager that demands Langa to skate in a race. However, Reki is unaware that the mystery transfer student has a trump card that might help him win the race in the most unexpected manner. [Assembled by MAL Rewrite]

SK8 the Infinity follows two high school students - Reki Kyan, a second-year student with a love for skating, and Langa Hasegawa, a Japanese transplant with no skateboarding experience - as they navigate their way through "S." The rest of the "S" skaters form a colorful supporting cast: Miya Chinen, a kid prodigy skater; Joe and Cherry Blossom, two senior "S" skaters; Shadow, a florist by day and a rough guy by night; and Adam, the enigmatic and undefeated Matador of Love and one of the founders of "S." THE DAY'S SCREENRANT VIDEO

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