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On giphy, you can discover and share the greatest justin fields gifs and most popular animated gifs. In yet another illustration of how this bizarre season has harmed collegiate teams, there has been no. Ohio State is at a disadvantage when it comes to backup quarterbacks. On giphy, you can discover and share the greatest justin fields gifs and most popular animated gifs. The chicago bears moved up in order to draft ohio state quarterback Justin Fields with the no.

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That would almost certainly mean slipping into the second round of the NFL, something neither Wilson nor Buckeyes WR teammate Chris Olave wants, since both have the potential to break Ohio State's 15-year first-round receiver drought. However, their sentiments for Fields are evident. None of Fields' former Buckeye colleagues in this draft anticipate him to fail. If they highlighted his physical prowess, it may appear as if they were pandering to the audience. Rather than that, they all saw too much in terms of his leadership abilities, citing his attempts to assist the Big Ten resurrect a football season during the height of the 2020 epidemic as much as or more than what he accomplished on the field. Additionally, they do not disregard his contribution there.

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