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Go to your Google Drive and delete the article from the "Public research articles" folder. In a few days, the link to the article will be removed from your profile and the Google Scholar index. Sign in to the Google account you used to establish your profile if you don't see the "Public research publications" folder or the article in question in your Google Drive. My account administrator has turned off public sharing, thus I'm unable to upload anything!

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The non-personalized content and advertisement selection may be influenced by which content you are now seeing and where you are located (die Anzeigenbereitstellung basiert auf dem allgemeinen Standort). Personalized content and advertisements can also be based on this, as well as other activities such as Google searches and YouTube videos. Things like relevanter results and recommendations, an individual YouTube start page, and advertising tailored to your interests are examples of personalized content and advertising. To view your options, go to âAnpassen.â Control elements for deactivating cookies for personalization, or information about browser-based control elements, with which some or all cookies for other purposes can be deactivated, are examples of this. You can always go to g.co/privacytools if you need something.

No. Google is unable to settle conflicts over ownership of intellectual property. When we get a comprehensive and legal takedown notice, we comply with the law and delete the content. We send a legitimate counter notification to the individual who requested the removal when we receive one. If a disagreement persists, it is up to the parties involved to address the matter in court. What is the difference between a trademark and a copyright? What about patents, for example?

Google uses cookies and data to:If you agree, we'll also use cookies and data to:For non-personalized content and advertising, things like the material you're now viewing and your location may influence what you see (ad serving is based on general location). Personalized content and adverts can be based on those items as well as your online activities, such as Google searches and YouTube videos. More relevant results and recommendations, a personalised YouTube homepage, and advertisements tailored to your interests are all examples of personalized content and ads. Click âCustomizeâ to see a list of options, including controls to prevent cookies from being used for personalization and information about browser-level settings to prevent some or all cookies from being used for other purposes. You may always go to g.co/privacytools.

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