Kanye West Julia Fox Interview

In reference to that perilous period, Fox told Interview, "I just remember thinking, 'I know there will be a payoff for this, because this is so f—king horrible that I know something good will come of it if I just stick with it.' And then a few days later, there I am with Ye, and it was the most natural organic attraction and connection that I had ever experienced. I just feel secure around him. It is a narrative of redemption."

âJulia and Ye are dating,â according to a person close to Fox. âThey both just ended previous relationships and have helped one another tremendously in their recovery. They're kindred souls, and it's fascinating to watch.â In December, Kanye West allegedly paid $4.5 million for a mansion across the street from his ex-wife Kim Kardashian, a $421,000 premium above the asking price.

Julia Fox shares how much weight she lost during her brief relationship with Kanye West of The Kardashians. Julia is coming off the heels of a whirlwind romance with Kanye that ended after just a few weeks. While Kanye West is through a public divorce from Kim Kardashian, Julia continues to be questioned about her time with the hip-hop tycoon. Apparently, being together has some unexpected negative effects. Julia relished her month-long stint as Kanye's muse. Around the beginning of the year, the Uncut Gems star piqued Kanye's curiosity. With Kim going out to the Bahamas with Pete Davidson, Kanye seemed to be looking for a way to divert his attention by entertaining a new model. Kanye met Julia for the first time at a public dinner in Miami before flying her to New York City for a costly theatrical date. Kanye and Julia attended a theatrical performance before he surprised her with a designer-filled hotel room. Julia accompanied Kanye to appearances in Paris, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City during the following two weeks.

She said, "I made every effort to make it work. I already had a crammed schedule. How am I to integrate this colossal personality into an already overflowing life? It just was not sustainable. I shed around 15 pounds within that month." That is not to claim the connection was purely reciprocal; "I mean, there were clearly components of it that were genuine."

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