Ken Roczen Arm Surgery Photos

Update on Ken Roczen's arm surgery: What happened to Ken Roczen after the accident? Ken Roczen apparently suffered an injury to his left arm at the Supercross World Championship's second round some months ago. The damage was severe enough that it deteriorated his health, and he was treated by the medical staff to mend the injuries. He just returned to competitive running after a successful surgery. However, his injury has deteriorated more than expected. Her natural arm fractured, and the medical staff advised her to relax to allow her arm to recover correctly.

Ken Roczen has written another good post. While the Honda HRC rider has not yet clocked endless laps on a test track, he has been riding frequently and making strides. The most recent post demonstrates how far he's gone in such a short period of time and verifies how good he feels riding a bike. âI am overjoyed and immensely pleased of how far I have come in the previous two weeks,â he captioned. Ken Roczen (@kenroczen94) shared a post on Sep 7, 2017 at 11:56am PDT

Roczen's CRF450 is equipped with a Works hydraulic clutch. Additionally, his bike's map switch, wiring, ECU, and harnesses are all works (HRC) components. Roczen and Seely like to keep the levers of their ARC front brakes near to the handlebar. The bar and lever are extremely close together. Oscar advised that both riders should apply a substantial amount of pressure to the front brake. Renthal grips are custom-made for Kenny and his hand. His clutch is always positioned little lower than his brake.

According to reports, Ken Roczen damaged his left hand at the second round of the Supercross World Championship a few months ago. The damage was severe such that it caused his health to decline enough, and was treated by medical personnel in order to repair the injuries. He just returned to the world of racing after a successful medical surgery, but his injury was harsher than previously thought. His arm was broken and the medical team advised him to rest in order for his arm to recover properly. Surgical treatment on Ken Roczen's arm Replace

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