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Harland changed hundreds of careers over his 40 years. Harland Sanders attempted to earn an education at one point by enrolling in legal classes but failed to complete them for an unexplained reason. However, by the time Harland reached his forties, he had amassed little cash throughout the years. Sanders was depressed for a lengthy period of time. Although the majority of his life had gone, he remained a guy who made no difference and lacked the financial means to live in luxury and comfort. He was dissatisfied with life. And, naturally, he wanted to alter it.

Satellite photography is replete with fascinating images, but my personal favorite is the grinning KFC logo peering out at the cosmos from a desert near Rachel, Nevada. The emblem (shown above in a Google Maps image) was supposedly created by hand using colored tiles. When you zoom out on Google Maps or Google Earth, you can see adjacent residences and even a business (the Little A'Le'Inn). According to Wikipedia, the logo is as follows: KFC claimed in 2006 to have created the first logo visible from outer space, despite the fact that Readymix had had one since 1965. According to KFC, "it marked the formal launch of a vast worldwide rebranding initiative that would modernize more than 14,000 KFC outlets in more than 80 countries over the next several years." The logo was constructed using 65,000 one-foot-square tiles over the course of six days on location in early November. The logo was installed in Rachel, Nevada, in the Mojave Desert. It is situated at 37.6460°N 115.7507°W in the northern portion of Rachel, Nevada.

Images in PNG format: KFCKFC, formerly known as Kentucky Fried Chicken, is an American fast food restaurant company based in Louisville, Kentucky. It is noted for its fried chicken. It is the world's second biggest restaurant chain (by sales), behind only McDonald's, with 22,621 outlets in 136 countries as of December 2018. The restaurant chain is a division of Yum! Brands, which also owns Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and WingStreet.

Sanders leased his recipe to Pete Harman of South Salt Lake, Utah, who owned one of the city's biggest restaurants, in 1952.

[20] Because the Sanders Court & Caf primarily serviced visitors, when Interstate 75 was scheduled to bypass Corbin in 1955, Sanders sold his buildings and toured around the United States franchising his recipe to restaurant operators.

[21] Independent restaurants paid a franchise fee of four (later five) cents on each chicken in return for Sanders' recipe and the ability to advertise it on their menus and promote Sanders' brand and image.


The moniker "Kentucky Fried Chicken" was invented by Don Anderson, a sign painter employed by Harman.

[23] Harman added KFC to differentiate his restaurant from competition; a Kentucky product was unusual and invoked images of Southern hospitality. [23] Harman registered the phrase "It's finger lickin' good" as a trademark, which later became the company's tagline. [22] In 1957, he also invented the "bucket lunch" (14 pieces of chicken, five bread rolls and a pint of gravy in a cardboard bucket). [24] The business intended for serving their trademark dish in a paper bucket to become an iconic feature. [24]

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