Kristin Cavallari Best Friend Kelly

Kelly shared a picture yesterday of herself sitting with a guy on a porch in Nashville, drinking beverages. âMuch-needed happy hour,â she stated in the caption. Have a wonderful Friday, everyone.â Although the man's face was obscured, his vibrant bracelet stood out like a sore thumb. Who else wears a colorful beaded bracelet? That would be Jay Cutler! Compare and contrast the photographic evidence provided here. Is that correct, Jay? Who is to say? However, is Kelly utilizing Kristin and Jay's nasty divorce to get attention? 100%. She most certainly is. Assuming that is not the case, she is well aware that she will get more interaction on Instagram than she has ever had in her life.

Although Cavallari said she was not convinced by the infidelity claims, she was eventually devastated by Henderson's handling of them. This was told by the reality star to two close pals, Justin Anderson and Stephanie Biegel. "She wanted to make a statement about it. I was like, âDon't talk about it! That is the final thing you do.â Why are you posting about it? To get further attention for it. If I were suspected of having an affair with your spouse, I would refrain from mentioning him on social media. Come on, come on! It's sort of mind-boggling. I was like, âHere is the impact of your acts on me.â And she emailed me back, vehemently defending herself. The point is that I feel very abused. I care much too much about her to just say, âOh, f*** her,â or anything like. However, I am not willing to just let it go. And I'm not sure I'm ready to let go of it,â Cavallari remarked.

On April 26, Kristin Cavallari and Jay Cutler announced their separation after ten years together. Since then, the tabloids have been unrelenting in their coverage, publishing story after story about their alleged messy divorce. Cutler cheated on Cavallari with her ex-best friend, Kelly Henderson, according to an allegation that arose soon after the first divorce announcement. It's a narrative Cavallari herself criticized on her popular E! program, Very Cavallari, and Henderson is now taking it down as well. "No. Henderson remarked May 19 on the All's Fair With Laura Wasser podcast, according to E! Online. âThere was never an affair, I am not responsible for their divorce, and I am not dating Jay Cutler. We've lost contact. We had a little falling out last year, and as a result, I've gained some distance from both of them."

While Henderson has known Cutler, 36, for some time â she dated one of his Vanderbilt buddies â the Velvet's Edge blogger sparked a social media uproar earlier this month when she shared a picture of a guy wearing beaded bracelets. Though Cutler has worn similar looks in the past, Henderson noted that the photo was taken with her partner. âHe is a very private guy, which I respect,â Henderson said of her lover, adding that they had been âin a relationship for quite some time.â

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