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As I bit into my hundredth dish of exquisitely cooked white fish in beurre blanc sauce, I couldn't help but daydream about the scorching mustards and chili sauces on my home shelf. Not that these items are not consumed and appreciated in France, but if you stick to traditional French establishments, you are unlikely to encounter them often. âA bowl of unadulterated bliss.â Felicity Cloake Photograph

La Poule au Pot is a Pimlico French restaurant located on the corner of Ebury and Pimlico streets. Orange Plaza, the little square next to it, features several trees and café tables during the warmer months. We attempted it on a summer night when there were a lot of people. To have French cuisine in England seems insane, yet we were pleasantly pleased by the kitchen's excellence. The menu is quite extensive, the environment is comfortable, and the service was prompt and competent. It features huge tables next to one another, making it unsuitable for a romantic evening with the girlfriend. Prices are fair (dinner for two was 50 pounds with wine), and the wine is excellent.

If I return, I'm sure I'll search for methods to mitigate the blow, such as ordering from the 48-course set menu or concentrating on snacks and appetizers before sharing one of the plentiful mains. I'm prepared to spend significantly more on meals, but I'm not sure I'm willing to spend much more here. The likelihood of a repeat visit is great, since La Poule au Pot is open every day, has an online reservation system, and is centrally placed. I wish I was more enthused about it. Photographs of La Poule au Pot

Previously, no one was allowed to take anything that may be considered mang. Typically, when the poule was gorg, the blood was collected in a cuelle containing an ail hachis and persil mouill de beau vinaigre, which prevents coagulation. Rapidly mangled and squished into a poale, she became en cuisant une crape d'un beau red brun: la sanguette, another iconic dish from the Sud-ouest. picture credit: www.meslandes.fr

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