Lakenfelder Küken Geschlecht Erkennen

The Lakenfelder- and Zwerglakenfelder Sonderverein presents our snazzy Rasse on its website, which is included in the list of registered domestic animals. We welcome inquiries from interested breeders and owners who are not yet members of our Sonderverein (SV) and want to learn more about our sne Rasse. All interested parties seeking information on or about Zuchttiere, Bruteier, or simply about Lakenfelder and Zwerglakenfelder are cordially invited to visit our website.

The Lakenfelder-Huhn is described as a two-way street. As such, it not only brings a substantial amount of eggs, but also a high level of meat quality. With ungefhr 160 or even more laid Eiern, the Hennen have a good lege performance. The eggs are a pale shalen color and weigh around 50 grams. Lakenfelder do not gain weight rapidly and hence produce a little amount of meat in comparison to other Rassen. Nonetheless, the meat is described as quite fine and delectable. The Lakenfelder-Huhn, on the other hand, is becoming more hufiger as a result of its aurgewhnliche appearance and is no longer regarded as a legitimate Nutzhuhn. Küken

Lakenfelder sind heute âLiebhaberh14hnerâ für Personen, die einen H14hnerstall und eine große Gelnde anbieten. However, we are not Schmuseh14hners. Lakenfelder are also scheu and easily erregable over humans, but are quite robust. Thus, it is not a case of H14hner for Children or of Flchen that have been destroyed by the presence of humans. By downloading the video, you agree to YouTube's terms of service.


The Federsexen is responsible for determining the gender of the K14ken using the Schwanz and Fl14gel Federn. In general, one may distinguish between the Federsexen and the Federlnge based on their skin color. H14hner produce genuine Federn more quickly than their mnnlichen Pendants. However, time is a critical factor in this case: After around two weeks, the herangrowing K14ken lose their distinction in terms of Federlnge and -volumes. To determine the gender of K14ken owned by private Z14chtern and K14ken-Liebhabern, the gender determination by color is often used. Due to the fact that the majority of the time, a group of K14ken with gender diversity is ordered, rather unambiguous statements about the correlation between color and gender may be made. In general, Junghennen get their Federns more quickly. The mnnlichen K14ken, on the other hand, form their Kmme at the age of around 12 months and then begin to flutter. Junghhne are often somewhat larger, with kantigere kpfe and eerily longer beines.

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