Lego City Undercover Karte Zentrum

Chase McCain vs. Emmet in a One-Minute Melee Melee in One Minute! Where research is irrelevant when all you want to do is watch two people fight! Two combatants! 60 seconds! Additionally, there is NO research! GO! (City of Lego) As usual, the sun shined brilliantly down on Lego City, a massive island city. People strolled through the city on their way to work, whether in the bustling commercial center or in quiet neighborhoods. Since Rex Fury's re-arrest (really, how many times is he going to escape? ), Lego City's crime rate has been decreasing. True, it would almost certainly increase after Rex fled, but why not live in the moment? One of the individuals strolling down the si

The gameplay of Lego City Undercover is largely influenced by the Grand Theft Auto series. However, the game is role-reversal in nature, with the player taking on the role of a police officer enforcing the law rather than a criminal committing crime, although the player is required to commit criminal acts on occasion, such as dealing with shady businesses and committing museum robbery, in order to infiltrate criminal gangs. [7] [edit] Plot

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