Lenel Access Control System Architecture

For many contemporary locations, aesthetics are a primary consideration when selecting new technology, and the huge brick-like access control readers supplied by legacy suppliers just do not cut it. Access control should complement the clean, elegant appearance of your facility. Openpath's multi-technology Smart Readers have won design awards and may be flush mounted to the wall for a streamlined appearance. The compact 11mm profile fits effortlessly into any location and is available in both Standard and Mullion configurations for use in confined spaces such as corridors. Additionally, Openpath's Pro Series Video Readers have a small, elegant design and can be adjusted after installation for the optimal viewing angle.

Lenel is a global supplier of open-platform security solutions with integrated access control and video management that are scalable to suit current and future demands. Our team of industry professionals and technical experts can give specific advice to enhance each customer's OnGuard system. Discover more about Lenel Services. Hardware for Access. Our comprehensive line of sophisticated readers, controllers, modules, accessories, and electronic locking systems is designed to work in unison with your OnGuard® system to offer dependable, scalable access control.

SkyPoint CS - For single-site and large dispersed companies with complex command and control requirements. SkyPoint CS includes the VideoWall and OpenSight add-ons, which enable management of video walls across different command and control centers and the integration of camera feeds from other SkyPoint installations. SkyPoint EV - SkyPoint EV improves the effectiveness of system maintenance recording. Intended for very large and complicated multi-site deployments, it includes a central video recording system administration tool that alleviates much of the complexity associated with controlling hundreds or thousands of cameras spread across numerous locations.

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