Lenel Access Control System Diagram

Technology Remedy They were able to increase the number of serial ports required by their customer by adding the RocketPort USB Serial Hub II to the workstation. Numerous serial devices were required to capture and encode cardholder data. RocketPort technology was used to effectively communicate with iClass capture, biometric capture, card-encoding devices, and from the PC to the control panel. Lenel and their customer discovered that each port management could be simply handled through Windows Device Manager, and that peripheral wire could be easily configured due to the RocketPort unit's external form factor. RocketPort USB Serial Hub enables rapid networking using a computer's available USB port and is barely one inch tall.

An access control system enables renters to enter your property without having to obtain permission each time. As a consequence, the property access experience becomes more secure and easy. Additionally, access control systems with visitor management capabilities take the process of providing access to visitors a step further by automating the procedure. Not only does seamless access help tenants and visitors to your facility, but it also streamlines your work as a property owner or manager. You save the effort of physically replicating keys, replacing locks, and, probably most crucially, handling daily access requests, leaving your building personnel to concentrate on the tenant experience.

For many contemporary locations, aesthetics are a primary consideration when selecting new technology, and the huge brick-like access control readers supplied by legacy suppliers just do not cut it. Access control should complement the clean, elegant appearance of your facility. Openpath's multi-technology Smart Readers have won design awards and may be flush mounted to the wall for a streamlined appearance. The compact 11mm profile fits effortlessly into any location and is available in both Standard and Mullion configurations for use in confined spaces such as corridors. Additionally, Openpath's Pro Series Video Readers have a small, elegant design and can be adjusted after installation for the optimal viewing angle.

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