Lewis Hamilton Nico Rosberg Crash

The hindered Ferraris were now forced wide, and Raikkonen moved over and pushed Vettel in the side. Verstappen accused them, claiming that "they just turned into me," although this was the latest of numerous incidents involving the Red Bull driver. Verstappen became the youngest driver to win a race when he won the Spanish Grand Prix in May.

However, it was how Rosberg used that platform that distinguished his season.

Rosberg and Hamilton have an enthralling interpersonal chemistry. Since their mid-teens, they had been friends, competitors, and sometimes teammates â but Hamilton had always dominated every seasonal rivalry.

âThe feuding team-mates, who fought spectacularly in Spa in 2014, will now face their Mercedes managers and cautioned about their future behavior.

Since that notorious incident in Belgium, tensions between the duo have simmered under the surface, and Hunt is dubious if Mercedes can continue to trust its two drivers.

When the aftermath finally arrived, it was rather little in contrast. Toto Wolff said that neither guy was entirely to blame and wanted to await the stewards' decision before Hamilton and Rosberg addressed the media. Hamilton arrived first — the last time we saw him, he was furiously hurling his steering wheel from the cockpit of his damaged vehicle as it beached in the gravel trap. However, this was four hours later, and he had already been cleared of any wrongdoing by his team and stewards after the discovery of the Rosberg engine mode problem. The world champion maintained an unusual level of composure. Perhaps he realized he could have spun out of the race without colliding with Rosberg had he lost control on the grass. If that had occurred, he would have finished Spain down by 68 points – three race victories equal 75 points – had the collision not eliminated both Mercedes drivers. He described the incident from his perspective before apologizing to the crew that had lately worked heaven and earth to resolve his engine dependability issues.

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