Liebe Am Fjord Zwei Sommer Mediathek

Johanna and Sigrun have been close friends since their adolescence and have remained in touch over the years. Sigrun established a profession as a doctor in Copenhague. Johanna has lived in the village her whole life: her marriage was a catastrophe, and she has a strained relationship with her son. She lives alone, as if she were a single entity. She is then overjoyed when her buddy Sigrun returns to her community. And she is not alone in her visit: she just married Erich, a teacher. For Johanna, Erich is a very intriguing guy, and they gradually enjoy spending time together.

Postbotin Johanna has not seen her adolescent friend Sigrun in years. Even more so when the rztin returns to her ancestral home upon her retirement. Thus, she meets Erik, Sigrun's newlywed, charming Gatten, with whom she has an uncanny ability to communicate. Erik is a taboo subject for Johanna as the man who is her closest friend. Despite this, she spends one night with him, which causes Sigrun to flee from Johanna. Johanna is certain about her decision; she loves Erik but laments the fact that Sigrun will never learn anything more about her.

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Tilo at 20:21 on 17.07.2020 A little suggestion: check out the "Dritten" programming as well; the WDR, for example, will air episodes 4-6 of the series in August. Rarely, but why not always, are the Parts 8-10 shown. Recently, UNTERM EIS (9) appeared on ONE for a few weeks. Very strong film, one of the finest in the series. DAS ALTER DER ERDE was the appropriate conclusion. Klaus J. Behrendt is unflinching, unflinching, and a fantastic storyteller. For me, the series might easily have included a few more films, if only for the magnificent norwegian landscapes. Posted by Funkturm (born 1967) at 19:49 UTC on 16.09.2016. It's rather exciting, in my opinion. Regrettably, I have no idea when new episodes will be released. It was formerly unavailable on the ARD's programming.

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