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Construct a route on a map With a simple and straightforward route mapping tool, you may draw or sketch a path on Google Maps. Enter the address of your starting place or go to it using the map controls to prepare for tracing the path. To begin designing your route, double-click the map to establish the beginning point, and then click each point along the path you desire to follow.

Take Advantage of Street View on Mobile Devices

Google Maps is a distinct application from Google Street View. If you have an Android smartphone, go to Google Play and download the official Google Street View app. While Street View was previously included into the Google Maps app, a standalone iOS Google Street View app is now available.

Certain services provide a live picture of the Earth from space. For instance, you may see a live feed from the International Space Station, which is operated by NASA. Around 40% of the time, you may get a live view of Earth from the space station by following this link. Another service, Urthecast, will connect a high-definition camera to the International Orbit Station in 2013 in order to provide a live image of Earth from space. Ustream video streaming

If you want to know when the satellites took the aerial photographs that appear on Google Maps, you must utilize Google Earth. Google does not show these dates on the Google Maps website or the Google Earth web app for an unexplained reason. Launch the Google Earth application on your desktop, use the sidebar to search for any place, and, most importantly, zoom in on a region as much as possible. Now, when you hover your cursor over the map, you should see the date the satellite picture was captured in the status bar, as seen in the above screenshot.

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