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Fury – as the cingolato is dubbed – becomes a true and distinct home for these valiant and solitary guerrieri committed to «non affezionarsi a niente». Una missione a cui non tutti riusciranno an adempiere, per 2. Sfoglia in alto Fury's gallery; sotto/a destra, Brad Pitt's 50th birthday.

He walked straight in. He is a scruffy individual. - On costar Brad Pitt's passion for boot camp training, Jon Bernthal The actress, who grew up in Washington, DC, has portrayed a few gloomy roles. Shane Walsh in the first two seasons of âThe Walking Deadâ is perhaps his most well-known role.

Logan Lerman confessed that Jon Bernthal inserted his tongue in my ear during one scene. âHorrible crap. However, there are no limits. Thus, in that encounter with Brad, I only encouraged him. I had been talking awful things to him previously in order to enrage him. Personal, heinous stuff, things I learnt during those evenings in our boot camp tents. âJon Bernthal has the greatest amount of experience and is the finest combatant. At the end of the day, nobody [bothered] Jon.â

Fury will launch in the United Kingdom on October 24 and in the United States on November 14, so we still have plenty of time until the film is eventually released. Until then, we're sure to see plenty more promotional material for the film, but for now, check out Logan Lerman, Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf, and the rest of the cast in the first Fury trailer below. There are a number of great films coming out over the next few months, and one of the ones we're most excited to watch is the forthcoming film Fury, which has a strong ensemble, includingand. The first Fury trailer has been published, and it makes for very compelling watching, raising our expectations for the next picture.

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