Look Alike Han So Hee And Ryujin

Han So Hee was asked what she believes is her appeal five years after her debut. âI'm not sure what my appeal is yet or which component of me [the public] admires,â she said. Rather than that, it seems to get more difficult [to know] as the years pass. As much as [the public] admires a side of myself that even I am unfamiliar with, I am continuing to occupy the time slowly and conscientiously as I have been doing up to this point.â Han So Hee also discussed the kind of actress she aspires to be in the future, stating, âI want to convey more forcefully and precisely the projects assigned to me, as well as the people and events contained inside them. Additionally, it will not be simple, but I want to be an actor who understands how to appreciate the pressure that comes with the process.â

344»'12 '344 han so hee (@ soxee).

#han hee han hee han hee han he #korean actress #kdrama actress #a married couple's world ##yeo da kyung ##yeo da kyung ##yeo da 344»'12 '344 han so hee (@ soxee). Ryujin made a minute during her conversation with midzy to express her enthusiasm for han sohee's visual. Moraislimaemanuelyma 478 Ã aproximadamente 5 meses.

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