Luka Doncic And Dirk Nowitzki Wallpaper

As you can see from the video, Luka Doncic excels at more than simply the fade away that Dirk Nowitzki introduced to basketball. It's also a variety of different plays. Of course, it is inevitable when players play basketball; a game can only have a certain number of movements, plays, and options. However, witnessing these two transcendent talents work in tandem does not take away any of the magic. Dirk and Luka are polar opposite athletes. This is often overlooked (and is a major reason why you should subscribe to Hank's YouTube channel), but Dirk was a very exceptional athlete throughout his early career. He was as swift as a cat, and there were no defenders capable of keeping up with him. Luka is unquestionably a remarkable athlete in his own right, but he is significantly underestimated in the NBA. He compensates for his lack of explosiveness by his ability to slow down and shift directions.

âMost Valuable Player honors in the ACB, the EuroLeague regular season, and the EuroLeague Final Four;âAnd a gold medal with Slovenia at the 2017 EuroBasket tournament, teaming with Miami Heat point guard Goran Dragic to defeat a slew of top European talent and NBA players while performing well enough individually to earn a spot on the All-Tournament Team.

While Dirk Nowitzki is no longer the driving force behind the Dallas Mavericks, he is still revered as a "Mamba" in his locker room. Dirk hopped on local Dallas to discuss the team's young influx, particularly Luka Doncic. Dirk's praise came only days after a video of Doncic demonstrating his workout program leaked. Anyone who believes the Euro Leaguer will be pushed about by NBA defenders is mistaken. "At 19 years old, I could shoot a little bit, but I lacked the court vision, savviness, and other attributes that he brings to the game," Nowitzki remarked, 105.3 The Observer. "Just like he already does with pick-and-rolls. You sink, and he shoots. If the man crosses, he keeps him behind him in the manner that the elite, such as Chris Paul and these men, do. He does all of this. He's going to be entertaining — entertaining to watch."

"[Doni is] an amazing ball handler for a huge man. He is outstanding in pick and roll situations. His court vision is already extraordinary. I was astounded by what I seen from a 19/20-year-old. He's a terrific shooter when he gets time, and I believe he's going to be a long-term asset for [the Dallas Mavericks]. I could shoot a little bit, but I lacked his court vision... his savviness on the court... He's going to dismantle defenses, and it's going to be entertaining to watch." â Dirk Nowitzki, a Mavericks star and teammate, on Doni before to the 2018â19 NBA season. [190] Doni has often been referred to as a "positionless guard" since he has the characteristics of a point guard, shooting guard, and small forward. [191] [192] He has been lauded for his outstanding stature and strength for the guard position, standing 6 feet 7 inches (2.01 m) and weighing 230 pounds (104.3 kg). [194] Donnie Nelson, president of the Dallas Mavericks, praised his "point forward ability"[195], while sports website The Ringer described him as a "genuine point guard with the stature of a small-ball power forward." [196]

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