Mad Max Fury Road Car Drawing

The filmmaker has pledged to employ as little CGI and green screen as possible in his search for reality. That meant going old-school, to use Miller's word, and practically executing all the feats out in the Namib Desert. Automobiles were overturned, stunt performers were hurled, and trucks detonated in gigantic orange fireballs. Because the film is essentially a two-hour chase sequence, the narrative started as a storyboard drawn in part by Brendan McCarthy, a comic-book artist. It comprised around 3,500 illustrations depicting the film's plot, as well as the intricate set pieces and stunts, the majority of which involved hundreds of automobiles driving across the sand.


The Mack is the Citadel's tow truck, while the Bulldog is in charge of sweeping behind the armada, gathering and recycling spoils of war and filling the ponderous vehicle carrier behind the offensive with valuable debris. As is the case with the rest of the fleet, Mack is a heavy-duty recovery vehicle that is not immune to the call of arms and is hell-bent on flinging harpoons and a shower of gunfire at anybody caught off guard on the Fury Road.

The Surveillant Warner Bros. Max's Interceptor makes a triumphant comeback in the new film, retrieved from the desert and reimagined: double-aspirated, equipped with four-wheel drive, and, of course, armed. The War Machine Warner Bros. This convoy monarch is the bastard offspring of a Czechoslovakian Tatra and a Chevrolet Fleetmaster, welded together to form a dual V8 18-wheeler. The shells of a VW Bug and a truck cabin are fused to the hull and serve as mobile forts for War Boys.

Imperator Furiosa's War RigImperator Furiosa's war rig is a fusion of a Czechoslovakian Tatra and a Chevrolet Fleetmaster into a six-wheel-drive 18-wheeler powered by twin V8 engines. The War Rig is equipped with a large gasoline tank and tows a fuel pod trailer. The cabin shells of the Volkswagen Beetle and Track are bonded to the hull, which conceals tool and weapon racks along its body.

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