Maladie Du Blã© Lettres

The pnis diseases, sometimes known as "verge," are very varied. Any change in the male sex level, whether in sleep or erection, should prompt consultation in order to determine the reason and implement a treatment plan. The emphasis is on the warning signs. By pnis diseases, we mean illnesses that affect the verge, the verge's fourreau, the gland, or the prostate. "It is necessary to distinguish between diseases of the prostate in a flaccid or resting state and those of the prostate in remission," explains Dr Vincent Hupertan, urologist, andrologue, and sexologist, and member of the Association Française d'Urologie's Committee on Andrology and Sexual Medicine (AFU).

A person may get a viral infection by direct contact with another sick person, such as through saliva, touching, or sexual intercourse. These conditions include the grippe, rhume, angine, rougeole, and even rhinitis. When a disease is transmitted from one individual to another via certain locations or time periods, it is referred to as a « endmie ». And when a contagion occurs independently of time and place, it is referred to as a « pidmie ». Certain foods, such as mollusks, may also be the source of a viral infection, most notably hepatitis A. Each disease's virus targets one or more well-defined cells inside the host. Thus, the grippe parasitizes the respiratory tree's cells, whilst the oreillons (foreign virus) attacks the pancreas, parotide, and testicule cells.

The vines are lianes, and their fruits are baies (raisins) that are arranged in a grappe. The area used to cultivate the vine is referred to as the vignoble. There are two types of raisins: red and white. A cpage is a culture of a certain kind of vine. The raisin is very useful for making wine (rouge, blanc, rosé, champagne). 2. The diseases that she may develop

External otite

Externallotite is a simple inflammation of the auditory conduit contracted by divers who swim in questionable waters such as overcrowded beaches or chlorinated pools. While most pain is mild, it may be acute and accompanied by fear. If the fi vre is mild, a simple self-treatment such as that described in the rubrique Furoncle du conduit auditif 52 will put an end to the infection. However, if the faith is relatively weak and the pain is severe, it is necessary to see a physician. Antibiotic treatment will very certainly be necessary.

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