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âIn accordance with the seasons, I rotate products and keep track of them in my go»ts memory. Afterwards, everything is organized in my tate. âThe classic poularde demi-deuil is on the menu, but the chef is not required to sublime it until the truffes season is complete. She then becomes a Poularde de Bresse and homard en cocotte à la touffe, served with its rago»t de lgumes au jus. Mathieu Viannay revisits the iconic recipes of Madame Brazier, bringing them up to date.

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3. The Future of the Auberge... and the Michelin Guide

In the anguish of the announcement, it was often said on a ton of vengeance that Paul Bocuse's Auberge would always be open and that Le Guide Michelin would be defunct. While this is somewhat true when discussing the ever-dwindling paper industry, Le Guide Michelin is a century-old institution, and it is much easier to sustain an anthology of articles and comments than it is to sustain a restaurant of this caliber. Thus, it is quite conceivable for Le Guide Michelin to live a single day at a restaurant. However, not the fabled Paul Bocuse.

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