Navy Cis Staffel Folge Ansehen

Watchever is currently streaming episodes 1–3 of Navy CIS. During the first three months, you can test Watchever for $2.99 per month rather than $8.99 per month. (As of February 2015) Navy CIS at Watchever: Staffel 1 bis Staffel 3 - $2.99 per month instead of $8.99 per month for the first three months

144 6 Das Schiff The Outlaws and the Inlaws 0 2009-11-03 3. April 2010 2010-04-04 0 4. November 2009 2010-04-04 0 Tony Wharmby Stern, Jesse Two dead Sldner have been discovered on board Gibbs's boat Kelly. Due to the deaths of both Sldners and the entanglement of his boots in the fall, Gibbs is forced to reconsider an old friend. Gibbs und sein Team müssen bei Mike Franks therapeutisch behilflich sein, da es sonst zu einem internationalen Konflikt kommen könnte, because Mike is already overburdened by a daily occurrence. Muse Watson as Mike Franks and Paul Telfer as Damon Werth serve as guest stars.

With the fourth installment, the team receives support from actress Maria Bello, who has been nominated twice for a Golden Globe. She portrays psychologist Jacqueline "Jack" Sloane, who will serve as the NCIS's new profiler. Sloane collaborates with Director Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) on a covert operation in Afghanistan, which did not go unnoticed by the agentin. Im Staffelfinale glaubt das neueste Mitglied der NCIS, dem Mann erkannt zu haben, der sie gefoltert hat in Afghanistan. Due to her inability to prove it, she resorts to self-flagellation against the man.

The core configuration changes completely with the eighteenth staffel. This is a statement made by Mark Harmon (Agent Leroy Gibbs), who just signed a new contract with CBS. Sean Murray portrays Timothy McGee, Emily Wickersham portrays Ellie Bishop, and Wilmer Valderrama portrays Nick Torres. Additionally, the supporting cast of Brian Dietzen, Diona Reasonover, Rocky Carroll, and David McCallum is back. Maria Bello (Jack Sloane) has been dropped from the series. Sie was present for three years. Following the drug scandal involving Fornell's daughter and a brief stay in Afghanistan, the situation has become even more explosive. Gibbs is suspended and continues to work with an investigative journalist while Bishop puts her whole career on the line. Additionally, the large staffel conclusion creates an exciting suspense and prepares Gibbs for the next episodesâ

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