Nymeria Sand Snakes Game Of Thrones

Who stands between two armed individuals who have just stated their intention to murder you? Apparently, Trystane does. HBO/Helen Sloan Then, in the season six opener, Obara and Nymeria announced that they had tracked the ship all the way to King's Landing. They boarded the boat at the King's Landing port and gained entrance to Trystane's cabin, where they murdered him.

In the absence of Arianne, the Sand Snakes will play a critical role in re-creating Dornish society; Dorne is renowned for its powerful women and, unlike the other of the Westeros nations we've seen thus far, does not follow a gender-based inheritance system. Unfortunately, we will not have Arianne, but there is plenty to admire in the new trio of Sand ladies. As Keisha Castle-Hughes, the actress who plays Obara, said to Entertainment Weekly, although Game of Thrones has its share of powerful female "lone wolves," audiences "havenât seen women who are strong together and who coordinate, which is a scary thing." We are three nasty and manipulative females who are ravenous for Lannister blood. âWe should certainly familiarize ourselves with these powerhouses, eh?

Obara Sand is the first character, portrayed by Keisha Castle-Hughes. She is the eldest of the Sand Snakes and is the most feared and revered member of the group, serving as a de facto leader. Armed with a whip and uninhibited by concepts such as "mercy," she is essentially the reincarnation of Oberyn. Sand of Tyene

Obara and Nymeria are pitted against Prince Trystane. Helen Sloan/HBO Though they are among of the most interesting characters on Game of Thrones, I worry that the Sand Snakes will stay undeveloped, pushed aside in favor of dragons and a perhaps dead person. And it's a pity, given their sisterly dynamic, fighting skill, and the high stakes of their job so far. The Sand Snakes are magnificent heroes on the verge of becoming misandrist. They are deserving of their own hour slot.

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