Old Dominion - I Was On A Boat That Day

if quote-mark 383084 "I Was on a Boat That Day" is a song by the Old Dominion country band. The song is a lighthearted summer frolic that features accordion and a crowd chorus. It's one of the most joyful breakup songs ever written; in fact, lead vocalist Matt Ramsey was having so much fun on a boat that he wasn't even sure he'd been dumped. "Is she gone for the summer, or is she gone for the night? / Is she gone for the weekend, or is she gone for the rest of my life? Was she smiling or sobbing as she went away? / I'm not sure; I was on a boat at the time." The musicians contributed to the party atmosphere by sipping tequila throughout the song's recording.

Old Dominion - I Was On A Boat That Day Lyrics Meaning

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"I Was on a Boat That Day" is a song by Old Dominion, an American country music band. It was released as the first single from their fourth studio album Time, Tequila, and Therapy on May 21, 2021. Shane McAnally, Josh Osborne, and each member of Old Dominion wrote the song, which was produced by McAnally and Old Dominion. [1] [edit]

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Old Dominion - I Was On A Boat That Day Chords

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Old Dominion - I Was On A Boat That Day Lyrics

"I Was on a Boat That Day" is a summer party tune including "joyful ad-libs, rowdy music, and [...] traditional Old Dominion rhythms and lyrics." [2] Matthew Ramsey, the band's lead singer, says the concept began approximately six or seven years ago. âWe were bouncing it around for a long time,â he told KFDI. We'd bring it up and shoot it down so many times that I'm not sure how many times we decided against writing this song.â [3]

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