Ovenbreak Cookie Run Kingdom Tier List

Pilgrim's Slingshot drastically decreases the DEF of backline or high-health targets like bosses for a brief period of time. In Guild Battle, it's a standard weapon against the Red Velvet Dragon and other tough opponents. Some one-hit combos may be able to deal enough damage to the Cookie in Kingdom Arena, but it's not always easy to do so. Using Bear Jelly's Lollipop in conjunction with the strongest Cookie's Skill is the best way for Cookie teams to go in World Exploration. A team's strongest Cookie might become more more deadly in the initial few seconds of a combat when auto-battle utilizes its instant cooldown in Kingdom Arena. The cooldown of the selected Cookie's Skill must be synchronized with the Treasure's cooldown in Kingdom Arena.

Depending on the situation, she may be either an AOE damage dealer or a DPS tank for the monster. Espresso's vortex creates a vacuum, whereas Latte's glyph creates quiet. However, she compensates for both of these flaws by being an Ambush cookie, which means she does not compete for Magic talent powder with either Latte or Espresso. The Sea Fairy's Cookie

Eclair is a middle-row cookie that serves as a support cookie. It's a little out of place since support cookies are more often found in the back row, but it doesn't appear to matter. It's called Book of History, and it's one of his special abilities. On screen, Eclair conjures a great book that spells weaknesses on the three most powerful foes and debuffs them (with cookies taking priority). As a result, your foes will suffer more damage, and if you knock them out while they are debuffed, your friends will get an HP shield. It also inflicts a little amount of harm on the opposition.

The addition of Ovenbreak cookies to Kingdom has been verified as of yet. In addition to Wind Archer Cookie, Moonlight Cookie, Fire Spirit Cookie, and the Millennial Tree Cookie that debuted in Cookie Run Kingdom's pre-registration video, this contains the remainder of the legendary cookies. In addition, data-miners have discovered evidence that the Matcha Cookie will be included in a future release. Cookie Made with Starfruit

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