Pakistan Vs India War Memes

Woohoo! Pakistan kicked off the match with an audacious self-goal, demonstrating that we are not really terrified of the game. This was a warning to India's big brother â you had better bring your A game! India claims to have shot down a Pakistani F-16 fighter jet. However, as is customary, he neglected to substantiate the assertion with proof. Pakistanis rushed to the aid of their Indian brothers and discovered the F-16 India had shot down.

Most analysts feel that the conflict severely harmed the notion of a mobile, hard-hitting Pakistan Army, since vital advances were not achieved.

[196] Numerous Pakistani intellectuals decried the military's erroneous notion that their "martial race" of troops was capable of defeating "Hindu India" in the war. [197] [198] Rasul Bux Rais, a Pakistani political analyst, wrote[199] âThe 1965 war with India demonstrated that Pakistan could neither blitzkrieg its way through India's powerful defenses nor maintain an all-out fight for an extended period.

Here is a short history of the two nations' dispute.

August 1947: British India was partitioned into India and Pakistan after the end of British rule. The provinces were divided along Hindu and Muslim majorities, which resulted in enormous migration for people who did not dwell in the majority. Hundreds of thousands of people have been slain in community violence, creating a hostile environment that has persisted for decades. Since partition, the Jammu and Kashmir areas have been contested, with Pakistan and India claiming possession.

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