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On mobile and Switch, the Golf Clap emote now has a higher resolution. Bug Fixes for Replay: Only a few replay loading spots were fixed that might cause a loading display to appear when one was not required. [collapse] Third Content Update for Fortnite V7.10 (Jan 8 2019) Modes with a Time Limit For a limited time, 14 Days of Fortnite has been extended! Drop in the next week and complete any Challenges you missed to receive in-game goodies.

Patch Notes Fortnite Update

Epic Games published the Fortnite update 3.41 patch on December 14 for the v19.01 version of the game, which contains bug patches and holiday-themed content. As previously, review the verified list of fixes below, as well as the datamined information from reputable miners. Notes for Fortnite Update 3.41 | Notes for Fortnite Update v19.01:

Volcanic Vents Added Volcanic Vents will launch players and vehicles into the air on a hot air gust! Added Party Assist Allow Group Assist on a Daily or Weekly task before to a match to finish it with the support of everyone in your party. Along with yourself, party members may contribute to advancement on the chosen task. This capability disallows the addition of "fill" players during matchmaking or teammates from huge team matches such as Team Rumble.

It's quite tough to sneak about when a wolf believes I'm food. That should no longer be a concern, since the Island has collectively recalled how to manufacture a Hunter's Cloak. Combine Meat to create a Hunter's Cloak. (It's sort of nasty, but it does need less meat than it did before.) IF YOU DROP BY STEAMY STACKSâ

Where to discover the enigmatic spacecraft is a new POI.

Another intriguing feature is a peaceful-looking spacecraft located in the Fortnite Season 7 map's center. Epic Games explains it this way: "A strange alien spacecraft is hovering above The Aftermathâ€TMs ruins. The IO uses the term 'odd' since the IO's goal does not seem to be malicious. It is anticipated that the function of the device will become evident in the near future."

Patch Notes Fortnite Latest Update

Generally, content updates did not need a download unless Epic corrected an issue. Typically, content updates introduced one item or weapon to the game that was included in the prior major update's files. Since chapter 2, Epic has released updates biweekly, however there were a few instances during season 1 when updates were released three weeks apart. There are no longer any content updates, and in certain cases, the new features or objects introduced had no effect on the game.

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Additionally, Epic Games revealed in a blog post that Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 would include some new 'Epic' PC settings for those of you with capable machines. With these new options enabled, you'll notice some noticeable improvements: effects will be boosted, post-processing functions will be enhanced, and shadow quality will be improved as well.

The remark is just a reference to the motivation for Among Us as Impostors, which appeared in a blog post about Fortnite's newest patch notes. However, this is critical, since Epic Games was just... Another update to Fortnite..., there will be downtime as the patch is applied. What you need to know about it is as follows. Downtime is a natural occurrence with any significant patch, therefore this is...

Fortnite New Update Patch Notes Today

The official patch notes for the December 9 Fortnite update can be seen below. This patch was originally available on PC and Android, but has now been rolled out to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. The following information was gleaned from the Fortnite Status Twitter account.

Fortnite patch notes for the v19.40 update have come, and they provide substantially more information than the last hotfix. If you're a Spider-Man fan, this week is going to be fantastic, with increased availability of Web-Shooters and a new set of themed missions to complete. If you spend time fiddling in replay mode, a new feature has been introduced to assist you better your Fortnite scene setting, plus an extra modification to Impostors mode for individuals who like speaking their views. If you're interested in learning more about these most recent changes, here's all you need to know from the Fortnite patch notes. (Photo courtesy of Epic Games)

Ventures has been totally revamped, and you will now get a cosmetic item of your choosing at level 50! Choose carefully, since this opportunity will only come once! We also felt it was too difficult, so we added a leveling system where every two games of your highest pl mission would level you up. This equates to around 100 to 200 games to maximize your benefits! Marvel's newest heroes! Now available in Marvel's new Llamas.

4) Chicken LootHYPEX @HYPEX There will be a new sort of chicken that transports treasure; it may already be in-game, but if not, it will debut next season. Additionally, Klombos may now sneeze forth chickens on a rare occasion! There will be a new sort of chicken that transports treasure; it may already be in-game, but if not, it will debut next season. Additionally, Klombos may now sneeze forth chickens on a rare occasion!

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