Phantom Troupe Ryodan Hunter X Hunter Characters

One of my favorite aspects of this anime are the characters; the degree of awesomeness shown by some of them warrants compiling a list, so here it is: my top 5 Hunter x Hunter characters. Which is yours? (I apologize for my poor English.) ALERT FOR SPOILERS! Numeral five: Bisky (Buscuit Krueger)

"Have you encountered her? She is a passionate spirit, the eye of the storm, and the night sky's brightest star. Have I ever considered her? Each night, I promised to let her go, but by sunrise, I had grown to love her even more. I adore her with all my errant heart—at least till the Grim Reaper and the Angel of Death came for her." Chrollo Lucilfer excels in all he does: murders, heists, psychological and emotional manipulation, soft smiles, and sweet persuasions. At best, he is a thief and gentleman; at worst, he is a lover.

Pitou vs the whole Phantom Troupe at the same time? She assassinates some of the weaker members but ultimately succumbs. She would eliminate them all one by one. The Phantom Troupe perishes if she summons the assistance of the other Royal Guards. The Phantom Troupe is a formidable force, and Zazan was a formidable Ant. However, any member of the Royal Guard might have annihilated that colony. According to the scientist working on the Ant Queen, Chimera Ants become more distinct as their generations grow farther apart. The Royal Guard and Meruem were oddities, eclipsing all other Chimera Ants to the point that they should not even be considered the same species. To be honest, as I previously said, the B level danger associated with the Chimera Ant invasion most likely related to the original set of Ants. Certainly not the Royal Guards and most certainly not the King.

In the anime/manga series Hunter X Hunter, the Phantom Troupe (in Japanese: 1»12£, Genei Ryodan) is a world-famous gang of thieves and criminal organization. They are the primary hostile party in the Yorknew City Arc, and one of the primary antagonistic organizations in general, as well as Kurapika's arch-enemies, having murdered his whole clan five years before to the start of the series. The gang consists of thirteen members, all of whom are highly proficient Nen users and each of whom has a numbered spider tattoo on their body. The Phantom Troupe takes on the role of anti-villains during the Chimera Ant arc, as they defend their country, Meteor City, from an invasion of Chimera Ants.

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