Philippa Wife Of Edward Iii

Despite his military prowess, Edward was less eager to thrive in administration. The repercussions of the Black Plague, which produced problems within the feudal system, exacerbated the difficulty of ruling England. Numerous nobility died of plague, resulting in power vacuums, and the working people suddenly gained leverage in bargaining for improved living circumstances. 28. Dismantling Hollywood's Curtain

Edward, the Black Prince, the flower of English chivalry, was plagued with sickness and died in June 1376, two months before his father. According to the historian Rafael Holinshed, Edward thought his son's early death was God's retribution for usurping his father's throne:- "However, what devastated him the most was the loss of that most noble gentleman, his loving son Prince Edward... However, these and other misfortunes that have befallen him in his advanced years may seem to be retribution for his disobedience shown in usurping against him." In September 1376, the king was said to be ill with an abscess. He made a short recovery but, in a frail state, died of a stroke on 12th June 1377 at Sheen. Alice Perrers allegedly took the rings off his fingers before he became cold.

Military actions on the Continent were not renewed on a substantial scale until the mid-1350s.

[55] In 1356, in the Battle of Poitiers, Edward's oldest son, Edward, Prince of Wales, achieved a decisive victory. Not only did the much outnumbered English soldiers beat the French, but they also seized King John II of France and his youngest son, Philip. [56] Following a series of successes, the English gained significant lands in France, the French king was detained by the English, and the French central authority had almost crumbled. [57] There has long been controversy about whether Edward's claim to the French throne was legitimate or only a political ruse to exert pressure on the French authorities. [58] Regardless of the initial meaning, it seemed as if the claimed claim was now within reach. Yet an effort to finish the enterprise in 1359 proved fruitless. [59] Thus, in 1360, Edward accepted the Treaty of Brtigny, in which he abandoned his claims to the French crown but retained full power over his extensive French domains. [60] Administration [edit]

In 1375, the monarch assigned her a prominent position in a London tournament, riding in her own chariot draped in gold cloth as Lady of the Sun. This sparked widespread outrage. With the government's funds drained by foreign battles, Alice Perrer's extravagance came under fire, heightened by worries over her pretension of such authority over the monarch.

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