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The Red Cross is perhaps the most well-known humanitarian organization in the planet. It assists disaster survivors, such as those affected by Hurricane Katrina, which struck the United States' Gulf Coast in 2005. For example, the Red Cross assisted in providing refuge for Hurricane Katrina victims whose houses were devastated. Additionally, the Red Cross assisted survivors of Haiti's 2010 earthquake. It assisted in providing medical treatment to individuals wounded in the quake and assisting survivors in locating missing family members. Other International Bodies

H.E. Mr. Paul Kagame, President of the Republic of Rwanda, has been nominated to oversee the process of African Union institutional reform. He appointed a pan-African committee of experts to review and submit proposals for an AU governance system that would better position the organization to address the continent's challenges, with the goal of implementing programs that have the greatest impact on Africa's growth and development, in order to fulfill Agenda 2063's vision.

By the mid-1930s, Escher-Wyss had run into financial difficulties once again. This time, a consortium was called in to salvage the failing engineering business. The consortium was created in part by the Federal Bank of Switzerland (which, coincidentally, was led by a Max Schwab who is unrelated to Klaus Schwab), and additional restructuring occurred. Colonel Jacob Schmidheiny, an engineer with the business, was appointed President of the Board of Directors of Escher-Wyss in 1938. Schmidheiny was cited shortly after the commencement of war in 1939 as stating, âThe outbreak of war does not always imply unemployment for the machine industry in a neutral nation, quite the contrary.â Escher-Wyss and its new management seemed to be anticipating benefiting from the war, setting the path for their metamorphosis into a major Nazi military contractor. A Snippet of Ravensburg's Jewish Persecution

Rev. James Mzimba created the Presbyterian Church of Africa in 1898 after seceding from the Church of Scotland. His father was a pastor in the Presbyterian Church and he was born in Ngquakai. Mzimba was ordained as a preacher in 1875. He was dispatched to Scotland to commemorate the Free Church of Scotland's centennial, but the denomination eventually cut connections with him. He established his own independent Presbyterian church in 1899. He passed away in 1911. [1] In Alice, Cape Colony, the first Synod was convened. Mzambi was embroiled in a land and money dispute with the Free Church of Scotland. [2] The Presbyterian Church of Africa is a majority-black denomination. [3] It was a tiny congregation with two presbyteries. The church continued to grow steadily. It is one of Africa's oldest autonomous churches. Malawi, South Africa, Zambia, and Zimbabwe all have churches. Zimbabwe's church has a single presbytery. [4] The church's headquarters are in South Africa. It is divided into nine presbyteries and has a total membership of 3,400,000 people in 9,000 congregations and 600 house fellowships. [5]

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