Printable United States American Flags

The United States' Official Flag The American flag is a powerful representation of American identity and national pride. The United States flag, often known as Old Glory, The Star Spangled Banner, or simply The Stars and Stripes, has a colorful history and has undergone several alterations since the first official flag was adopted in 1777. Flags of the 50 States

Numerous sources state that these colors have distinct Pantone equivalencies. The most credible sources are those found on several American Embassy websites, notably the American Embassy in London. It specifies PMS 193 for the red and PMS 282 for the blue. On the other hand, Texas state law specifies that the state flag of Texas has the same colors as the United States flag, namely red PMS193 and blue PMS281. It should be emphasized that none of this applies to flags made for purposes other than the executive branch of government.

The three colors of the American flag, red, white, and blue, represent fortitude and bravery, purity and innocence, and vigilance, persistence, and justice, respectively. Additionally, and particularly in the case of state flags, the significance of the colors is often approved by an official charter. Occasionally, though, the symbolism is simply recognized since it is descended from the land's culture or has permeated so deeply into rituals that the two are now irrevocably intertwined. Additionally, please keep in mind that the colors of the United States of America (USA) flag may have several interpretations.

The fifty states of America's flags clearly depict their great historical pasts, regional influences, and unique emblems of their landscapes and natural resources. Our worksheets on the United States flags include printable flash cards, information cards, matching, labeling, word search, and reading comprehension tasks. These practice handouts are highly suggested for children in the second, third, fourth, and fifth grades. Additionally, there are no-cost resources accessible. Choose a color scheme that is printer-friendly.

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