Rolls Royce Phantom Blacked Out

The Phantom, introduced in 2003, admirably continues the long legacy of majesty, stature, and brilliance. Itâ€TMs more of a limousine than a luxury saloon, and itâ€TMs used by everyone from genuine royalty to celebrity and corporate royalty, and itâ€TMs easy to understand why. The Phantom, which is available in four-door saloon and two-door cabriolet body styles, is in a class of its own, and the huge V12 engine ensures that it is as much pleasure to drive as it is to be driven in! It is unquestionably at the height of automobile design and is capable of bringing grown men to tears. Each surface, panel, angle, and curve has been meticulously crafted by miracle workers, and the effect is stunning. Everything is mind-boggling, from the world-famous front grille with retractable âSpirit of Ecstasyâ to the sloping rear and even the wheel caps that maintain their place while driving.

Unusual for its dickey seat, a characteristic uncommon on Phantom II Continentals, 47RY had a thorough restoration in 1990-1991. Coldwell Engineering of Sheffield completed the mechanical work, David Hemmingway Restoration completed the interior and exterior bodywork, and Brian Frost completed the coach trimming. The automobile is completed in a sophisticated shade combination of medium and light grey. It has Freestone & Webb's signature full wheel discs and a medium grey hood. The seating is made of red leather that has been used but remains blemish- and wear-free. The floor is covered with a light grey carpet. 2011 Salon Priv Auction by RM

The multifunctional picnic boot accommodates a basket and doubles as a comfy seat. Even with the top down, there is still sufficient space for a set of golf equipment or baggage. Under the teak decking, a drinks cabinet and coolbox may be fitted, making Phantom Drophead Coup as much about entertainment as it is about driving.

This 2021 Ghost is a new automobile found in Germany. It is finished in Dark Emerald Green over white. Additionally, it boasts LED grilles and fascia, as well as Mansory CS.11 22-inch wheels. The back seats may be configured as a traditional three-seat bench or as the immersive seating arrangement, which includes a double chair layout with a fixed armrest that conceals a chilled beverages cupboard. The Ghost, like the Rolls-Royce Wraith, Rolls-Royce Dawn, and BMW 7-Series, is powered by BMW's N74 V-12, a 6.6-liter engine with two turbochargers. 5. Rolls-Royce Phantom 2020 ($576,225)

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