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There are no reliable figures on the number of Romani speakers in Europe or elsewhere in the world. However, a conservative estimate puts the number of speakers in Europe at 3.5 million and worldwide at 500,000[223], however the true number may be far higher. This places Romani as Europe's second biggest minority language, behind Catalan. [223] In terms of dialect variety, Romani is similar to the majority of other European languages. [224] The following characteristics dominate cross-dialect communication:

Romanichals et kale wales

The English and Scottish Roma are referred to as Romanichals or Romanichels; the Welsh Roma are referred to as Kale. Both communities migrated in the United Kingdom from France, and their language has Old Romany characteristics, with several lexical similarities to Sinti dialects and even to Spanish Roman3. Despite severe discriminatory legislation against Gypsies in the United Kingdom, they have contributed to British society's cultural and social growth via their aptitude in arts and crafts. Several of them have been knighted, either for service to the Crown or for creative or musical achievement. They have always claimed Christian religion, and many have served as church pastors from their first settlements, which was a characteristic of British Roma until recently, when a substantial number of Roma worldwide joined Evangelical groups.

Paternal (Shelby - Irish/Romany) - Arthur Sr, Tommy's father, is reported to have been born in Ireland to Birdie Boswell, a Romany Gypsy, and an unidentified male. At this point, it must be presumed that this individual is Irish and was most likely an Irish Traveller. This indicates that Arthur Sr. and Polly are half-Irish or half-Irish Traveller and half-Romany Gypsy, respectively. Tommy (Shelby - Romany/Irish) - Tommy is a cross between Irish/Irish Traveller and Romany Gypsy. He is most likely 1/2 Romany Gypsy (as both of his parents were), 1/4 English (as his maternal grandmother was), and 1/4 Irish or Irish Traveller (from his paternal grandfather).

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