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âSince the flight's distance is unrestricted, it may navigate for as long as it wishes. As you may imagine, no one else in the world has something like. Perhaps something similar will arise someplace eventually, but in the meanwhile, our men will create something else,â Putin said. Russian âDaggerâ


The Ministry of Defence is led by a collegium chaired by the Defence Minister and comprised of deputy Defence Ministers, heads of the Main Defence Ministry and General Staff Directorates, and commanders of the Joint Strategic Commands/Military Districts, the three Services, and three branches, who collectively serve as the Minister of Defence's principal staff and advisory board.

Although the precise location of this occurrence is unclear, according to official Russian Federation Ministry of Defense statistics, Russian equipment is invulnerable to American weaponry, as previously proved by military actions in Syria.

Experts do not rule out the possibility that the crew of the Russian tank would be nominated for prizes; however, no such announcements have been made so far. It is known that the crew is continuing to carry out its responsibilities in accordance with the special military operation's plan.

In addition to the statistics Kyiv has released on its own casualties, Ukrainian media outlets reported a Tweet from the country's Defense Ministry stating that at least 1,000 Russian troops and commanders were killed in just one day of battle on February 25. On February 26, Zelensky said that 3,500 Russian troops had been killed and 200 more taken prisoner during the current offensive. Additionally, these figures are unverified by any credible source. That same morning, February 26, the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported that Moscow had lost 14 aircraft, eight helicopters, 102 tanks, and several hundred additional vehicles and pieces of equipment in the continuing combat.

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