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Occasionally, the virtual space is beneficial. The Internet is much more open than direct communication. Spr14che zu posten on Facebook und sich damit mit seiner Gef14hlslage auseinanderzusetzen und in Kontakt mit anderen zu treten, kann furthermore durchaus als sozialer Akt betrachtet werden und dient vielen zur Psychohygiene. And it is also OK!

Make a beeline for our Rubric âSchne Spr14cheâ and discover a suitable life philosophy, a snazzy friendship spruch, or a new life motto that will re-ignite your motivation. Here you will find a variety of unusual phrases, aphoristic expressions, and idioms. Thus, he is certain to be present for the right thing. Take some time, stroll around these snazzy Spr14che, and discover it for yourself!

Teflon Fonfara sometimes shared a humorous or thought-provoking Lyric-Beitrag on Facebook. The little Gift- and Mitbring-Buchlein is skurril, schrg, and brimming with delights. To snore and reflect. The work is a magnificent collection of rhetorical games. Everything is divided into âLyrik am Morgenâ, âWetter-Lyrikâ, âJahreszeit-Lyrikâ, and âStuttgart 21â. Additionally, there is a series with âJehovaâ (this time without witnesses) and a âHeimat-Roman am Morgenâ. As a result, the author gave himself the Pulitzer Prize. Very entertaining, and also a good book to read on the go or in between. www.fonfara.de/lyrik

The majority of people's lives are determined by their love. Either the great love consumes one's whole life -more or less uncertainly - or one lives with love as the foundation for all decisions. The absence of love or the separation from a loved one may plunge some people into severe depression, whilst an enriched love life can provide drive and motivation. Since the dawn of humanity, love has played a central role, and for about the same length of time, there has probably been a need for Liebesspr14chen, e.g. to express his Gef14hlen Expression [...]

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