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Biden's choice of Haaland is consistent with the Biden-Harris plan for tribal nations, a summary of his team's goals for strengthening tribal nations and addressing critical concerns ranging from health inequalities to environmental injustice that Indigenous people continue to suffer. Haaland's appointment is âincredibly significant, not only symbolically, but also in terms of environmental stewardship, conservation, and reestablishing a sense of public good and trust,â Julian Brave NoiseCat, vice president of policy and strategy for Data for Progress and a member of Canada's Canim Lake Band Tsqâescen, told Vox. Additionally, he said that it is beneficial for âmaking progress in the long battle against climate change, where issues like as drilling and leasing, as well as how we manage public lands and natural resources, are essential policy concerns.â

Thus, although having an Indigenous interior secretary is a required prerequisite for enhancing Native Americans' well-being, it is far from adequate in and of itself. Many Native Americans endure daily obstacles that will be hard to address with a single nomination. Nonetheless, this is a watershed moment and a chance to shift the Interior Department's policy toward Native American tribes from one of open hostility to one of mutual respect, engagement, and understanding. Robert Maxim is a Mashpee Wampanoag tribal member and a Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program research associate.

A change in the interior department's goals might have significant consequences for global warming, since over a quarter of all US carbon emissions originate from fossil fuel extraction on public lands, according to the US Geological Survey.

Earlier this year, Haaland introduced legislation to establish a national objective of safeguarding 30% of the United States' lands and waters by 2030, a target that the Biden administration has now accepted as a priority for his environmental program.


âWe have never had a Native American serve in a Cabinet position,â said Bryan Newland, tribe chairman of the Bay Mills Indian Community in Michigan and one of the letter's key organizers. âRep. Haaland is more than competent and capable of serving as Interior Secretary and would be an excellent choice.â

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In 2018, she tweeted, "As a Native American woman whose ancestral territory is under assault by the fossil fuel industry, I support a Green New Deal and a Congressional Climate Commission 100 percent." Following Haaland's selection in December, the Republican Party of New Mexico said that "it's difficult to find a bright light for our state because of her radical stance on energy."

Haaland, on the other hand, is entering an office rife with skeletons in the closet. It's a town with a shady history and an ugly present, most notably in terms of how Native Americans are treated. It will not be simple to clean it up or to get the bureaucracy to change. Additionally, there are 574 officially recognized tribes €” that's a lot of people to satisfy, and she won't be able to please everyone. However, she adheres to ancient ideas that white men did not comprehend during their first invasion of this area (and many still do not now). On this territory, Native Americans have endured 528 years of bloodshed, prejudice, hate, and even genocide. America has endeavored to preserve Native Americans as relics of the past, rather than inviting us into the present and enabling us to assist lead this nation into a shared future, motivated by racism and guilt. Today, people are gradually compelled to recognise, listen to, and address Indigenous peoples.

Debra Haaland, Representative: (07:09)

If an indigenous woman from modest origins can be approved as Interior Secretary, our nation has great hope for everyone. Finally, I want to express my gratitude to you, Chairman Manchin, for convening today's hearing and for discussing with me the concerns and needs of the West Virginians you represent. If approved, I will listen to the concerns of all the constituents represented by members of this committee and this Congress. I'm appreciative of your time today, and I'm prepared to serve. Additionally, I want to express my gratitude to Senator Heinrich for his gracious introduction, and I look forward to your questions.

As a kid living in a military household, Secretary Haaland attended 13 public schools before graduating from Highland High School in Albuquerque. Secretary Haaland enrolled in the University of New Mexico (UNM) at the age of 28 and got a bachelor's degree in English, as well as a J.D. from the UNM Law School. After graduating from law school, she founded her own salsa company, worked as a tribal administrator at San Felipe Pueblo, and was appointed the first woman chair of the Laguna Development Corporation, where she advocated for environmentally friendly policies and oversaw the business operations of New Mexico's second largest tribal gaming enterprise.

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Native American leaders have long been known for their commitment to land protection, but also for their bipartisanship and pragmatism. Whichever party is in power, tribes have been forced to cooperate. These instruments are necessary in an age of sharply divided governance. Representative Haaland at the helm of the enormous Department of the Interior would place Native Americans at the center of the Biden administration's efforts to take comprehensive action on climate change.

With Haaland's new position as Interior secretary, several Native American leaders have expressed concern that she will confront lofty expectations that will be tempered by historical realities.

âWe recognize that the issues we have with the federal government will take time to resolve, as they have done for 400 years,â said Fawn Sharp, president of the National Congress of American Indians and Quinault Tribal Nation in Washington State.

House Majority Leader Nancy Pelosi told reporters that Haaland was "one of the most respected and finest members of Congress I have worked with" and that she would not oppose her probable nomination.

"If she is chosen as the president-interior elect's secretary, he will have made a wonderful decision," she said.

Politicians who have known Haaland from her early years in New Mexico politics credit her "meteoric" ascent to her ability to negotiate while remaining true to her convictions and putting native people and the environment at the core of her politics.

House Democratic leadership expressed worry in recent days, both publicly and to the Biden transition, that the president-elect was removing too many members from their caucus after their loss of majority in the November election. Biden has already appointed two members of Congress to his cabinet. However, Speaker Nancy Pelosi approved Biden's selection of Haaland earlier this week.

Us Secretary Of The Interior Deb Haaland

Almost every Republican member of the Energy and Natural Resources Committee pressed Haaland on her previous views about the need of halting drilling on federal areas overseen by the Interior Department. President Biden, who believes the US must move away from fossil fuels in order to combat climate change, has halted new drilling leases on public lands and seas, a dramatic contrast to the Trump administration's efforts to boost drilling. Advertisement

BARRASSO: âI'd like to ask you a few brief questions. Kindly answer shortly. The first relates to tree spiking, a practice in which individuals drive metal spikes into trees. Can tree spiking result in the death or incapacitation of loggers and mill workers? ” HAALAND: I suppose so, Senator. Until recently, I was unfamiliar with any of such practices. ” BARRASSO: Is spiking trees in national forests a federal offense? ” HAALAND: âSenator, I couldnât say for certain, but I assume itâs quite dangerous.â BARRASSO: âShould anyone who become aware of spiked trees in national forests notify law enforcement immediately? ” HAALAND: âI think that anybody should notify law enforcement if they believe there is a danger.â BARRASSO: âSo I think the issue is: Should persons who plot or are otherwise engaged in tree spiking situations that endanger the physical safety of government employees expect to be recruited by the Interior Department? AUSTRALIA: âSenator, I assume you are referring to the candidate, Tracy Stone-Manning, and I also know that President Biden nominated her because he believed she was capable of doing the position and was otherwise qualified. ”Watch:

Additionally, Colorado's advisory naming council has proposed renaming Squaw Mountain near Denver in honor of a nineteenth-century Native American woman who served as an interpreter between tribes and European immigrants. Members of the Northern Cheyenne tribe also applied to the federal naming board in October to alter the mountain's name. Additionally, Congress is considering legislation to remedy pejorative names for geographic features on public property. From Oregon to Maine, states have enacted legislation restricting the use of the term âsquawâ in place names.

Not only is she the first Native American woman to hold such a position,â Tenakhongva explained, âbut the impression I got from her was that she is Puebloan, and she appears to comprehend and understand a lot of the cultural issues surrounding how we Pueblo people â nations of Hopi and Zuni, as well as other Pueblo nations â affiliate ourselves extremely strongly with Bears Ears [and surrounding areas]. This whole area was densely inhabited by our ancestors. âSize is critical in monument debates

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