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On Good Friday, Jax Machin's Old Tradition Cramp Rings Between the reigns of Edward III and Mary Tudor, monarchs used to bless a plateful of gold and silver rings on Good Friday at St. James's Palace's Chapel Royal. The royal touch was supposed to treat cramps and epilepsy by rubbing the rings between their fingers. The tradition was ended during Elizabeth I's reign. To see our Easter Superstitions page, click here.

Happy Friday Greetings: Fridays have always been very meaningful to me. It has been meaningful to us since we were children. It's a no-office day for dad, mum is preparing delectable meals, and relatives sometimes pay us a visit. We were not required to attend school or college. We could do anything we pleased, such as spend the whole day playing with our friends or just spending time with our loved ones. Now that we are adults, guess what? Fridays remain really amazing. Fridays provide a brief reprieve from the weekly hardships of life. We may spend the day with friends and family or go out at night. A well-spent Friday might help us forget about our daily problems. Here are some Friday wishes and texts to send to your friends and family. Wishes for a Wonderful Friday

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