Simon Barney Tamra Judge Wedding

âWhen I invited my mother to visit, I stipulated a few conditions. All I wanted was that she maintain good relations with my father and stepmother and refrain from publicly announcing my graduation,â Sidney recounted. Not even two weeks after I graduated, she released a picture of me with her one million followers, well aware that it would be picked up by the press. The one thing I requested, and have requested for four years, is that no one speak about me because I do not want to be in the spotlight.âSidney spent full time with her father after her parents' divorce before attending college on the east coast. Spencer and Sophie, the ex-other couple's two children, live with Tamra full-time, while Sophie spends her time between her parents.

He chose to keep the news from colleagues and friends until January, when he began his treatment plan. Prior to that, his family — which includes fiancée Catushia Ienni, Judge, and their three children: son Spencer, 19, and daughters Sidney, 21, and Sophia, 14 — was aware. "He informed me of the news, and both of us began to weep. I couldn't believe what I was hearing "Judge, 52, told PEOPLE about her devastating chat with her ex at a neighborhood Starbucks. "My initial thought was, 'I don't want to take my children to their father's burial,' and any ill will between us quickly gone. At the end of the day, none of this is significant. All we have to do now is band together to see this through."

Grand linens in gold and taupe silk dupioni were draped over tables, while Ghost or chiavari chairs were completed with layers of beautiful tulle. Crystal glasses perched atop place settings embellished with shell-shaped chargers and bespoke menus. Each satin napkin contained a reproduction of an exquisite love letter Eddie had written to Tamra in secret. âI requested that they be placed at each place setting so that as guests took their seats, they could read the words on my heart,â says the groom. Although the area sparkled with faceted lights and cut-crystal embellishments, all eyes were instantly attracted to the beautiful bridal confection dangling from the ceiling. Each of the five levels was individually embellished with dazzling silver accents and covered with creamy white fondant. The base of the âswingâ that carried the cake was festooned with pink hydrangeas and suspended from crystal chains, while strings of large pearl ornaments completed the appearance.

Providing assistance for daughter Sophia seems to be a priority for Tamra. âSophia is nearly 14 now, and, as you know, this is a difficult year for her,â she adds. I mean, being 14 for a girl is really challenging, and we want to ensure that it is the most positive experience she can have, and knowing our previous errors, we want to make it better for her and for our future with our children. âLet us hope for the sake of everyoneâespecially the childrenâthat Tamra and Simon have resolved their disagreement. One has to ask, though, if Tamra should really be discussing all of this in the media. Hasn't that been an issue in the past for the family? Oh then, I suppose Tamra is right!

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