Simple Minimalist Tarot Card Tattoo

The STARDUST minimalist deck is a one-of-a-kind collection of playing cards. Each card offers a special vitality and beauty due to the picture of each symbol placed on a deck of cards that resembles stars in the night sky. The Rider-Waite tarot cards are used in this deck. However, it retains the suites to adhere to the French custom of incorporating the roots.

Spiritual enthusiasts have varying perspectives on their card decks. While some are devoted to a single deck, others like collecting and studying a variety of tarot card decks. The latter is particularly amusing in light of the current trend of contemporary spirituality. Artists began creating decks that spoke to them on a personal basis almost overnight. These contemporary tarot card decks have exploded in popularity, with an increasing number of individuals attempting to make their own. There are more decks available now than at any point in history. Additionally, it is now feasible to obtain tarot card decks that both aesthetically communicate with you and function as an extension of your personality.

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This powerful tableau of tarot cards opts for a journey laced with fantastical aspects! A witch is shown in this tarot card tattoo riding a boat towards a castle perched on a cliff edge, clutching his wands. Dragons roar and fire at the castle's pinnacle as they soar around the court. This all-black ink pattern may be applied to any region of your skin or body. This artwork is a response to explorers' ideas about tarot card tattoos.

The Star exudes self-esteem and assurance. She acts as a beacon of self-love and self-awareness for anybody who comes into contact with her. She is a ray of optimism, a glimmer of inspiration, and a brilliant light of self-acceptance. She demonstrates the path. Liz Pavlicek @lizpavtattoos, Magic City Tattoo in Minot, ND, created The Moon.

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